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Step into a world of my journey through landscape photography. I invite you to wander through the captivating vistas and breath taking panoramas I’ve had the privilege to capture.

My landscape photography is a tribute to the unparalleled beauty of our planet. It is an ode to the nature, from the rugged peaks to the tranquil shores. Join me on my visual journey and immerse yourself in the magic of the great outdoors.

Feel free to browse my portfolio and if a particular image speaks to you it can be yours to bring a piece of nature’s splendor into your own space.

Thank you for visiting and may my photographs inspire your sense of wonder and appreciation for the world’s natural wonders.

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Magical sunset on mountain Snežnik with fox Joško

New day, new journey, same mountain.. but an amazing experience that I'll remember and keep in my heart forever. It was on a Sunday, December the 10th of 2023. The day began as a working day for me as I was recording audio for an event for Slovenian radio Koper. As...

Chamois mountain goats on mountain Snežnik in Slovenia

It had been five years since I first spotted the Chamois mountain goats on mountain Snežnik in Slovenia. It was August 30th, 2018, a hot summer day. It was a wonderful surprise because I didn't even know they frequented that area. I was overjoyed with the encounter...

A guide in capturing the World with Gigapixel photography

Understanding Gigapixel Photography and Its Process Gigapixel photography is basically taking a panorama that is on steroids. They are an ultra high resolution photographs which are merged together from hundreds of photographs to create a huge photo photographs. As...

10 years since my blog was hacked

This year in August was 10 years since my first blog got hacked and deleted. The road to this website I've been creating my own personal websites since high school and in one part of my life I even created websites professionally for customers. In the beginning when I...

New website and new beginning

Hello and welcome to my new website! This website was long time in the making and I poured a lot of work over last six months into it. I missed having a place to share my thoughts, tips and tricks about photography and new photographs. Recent events Recent months were...

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