I got interest in photography with analog 35mm compact point and shoot camera. I was pretty young at that time and I was taking photographs of trips I went with my school or family, nothing more. I wasn’t seriously into photography until I was around 17 when I got my first digital camera. It was just a simple compact Canon Powershot A620 but enough to develop my passion for photography.

At first I was taking photographs of everything and most of my photos were abstract. I found interest in anything and I was experimenting with light and shadows. I tried every setting and exposure possible on that compact camera. And while it was a great jumping point it quickly became too basic due to lack of freedom with aperture and depth of field. It was time to upgrade. My first DSLR was Canon EOS 400D with kit lens. It was a great camera and I took it everywhere. I learned a lot of new things with it and started exploring with different styles of photography.

During all my years I tried architecture, street, portrait, product, food, concert photography and many more. But most of the time I spent shooting macro and landscape photographs. In last years I also fell in love in long exposure photography and I try to take as many long exposure photographs as I can. It adds another layer to the photo that we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. In 2017 I got a new DSLR, Canon EOS 80D because of better photo capabilities and for making videos. I was recording videos with my phone Sony Xperia Z3 Compact before that. I take my gear with me almost everywhere and try to capture as much as possible.

I’m selling my photographs on different print on demand websites like Society6, Fineartamerica and Redbubble. My photos are also found on “PLdesign”URL” stores, where I co-create with my wonderful girlfriend Mateja. I also have a small youtube channel where I post videos from events and places. I am planning to make some kind of “fast introduction to photography” and “tips for photography” videos. In all years I gathered a lot of knowledge that might be helpful to some. Why not share it.