Gigapixel photographs

I was always in awe while looking at those majestic gigapixel photographs stitched together from many photographs, but I never tried to take one myself. In all my years with photography I made some horizontal panoramas from up to 10 photographs. As the process in gigapixel photographs is basically the same as horizontal panoramas, just repeated vertically, I finally decided to stack them in both directions. Taking the shots is pretty straightforward. To keep things in order I would suggest having a tripod and set it straight, so the end result is straight. The most important thing to do is to set the camera on manual focus and manual settings. You don’t want out of focus shots or different exposures or white balances. For the stitching process I first tried Lightroom but had no luck with it. Photoshop ate a lot of resources, almost all RAM, more than 200GB of scratch disks but froze in the end. With many different programs and many trial and error I finally succeded with free software Microsft ICE (Image Composite Editor). Highly recommend. But I also suggest that the first thing you do is go to settings and change the location of temporary files to one of your large hard drives. Default gives you primary hard drive. If that drive is SSD it will get full pretty fast.

Gigapixel photograph of mountain Triglav

On 20.02.2019 my girlfriend and I hiked to mountain Viševnik (2050m), our first mountain over 2000m. As the view from Viševnik is breathtaking with the highest mountain in Slovenia Triglav (2864m) in main focus I had to make a gigapixel photograph. This gigapixel photograph is stitched together from 45 shots. I have 5 vertical rows of 9 images taken vertically. I used my Canon EOS 80d with Canon EF 70-200 F4 at 70mm, F11, 1/125 sec and ISO 100. This in the end gave me a final gigapixel photograph with 17461 x 10000 pixels which is 175 megapixels.

Check 100% crops below or browse the photo in full resolution by clicking on the photograph above or click here.

100% crop of lodge Planika

100% crop of Triglav

100% crop of Triglav lodge on Kredarica

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Preview from Fineartamerica as a largest available print