“Redesign, again?” I though to myself when I looked at my website. I am seriously redesigning my website too many times. But, this time I wanted to let my photographs speak for themselves. No more colored backgrounds, no more unnecessary shadows, logos and obtrusive texts. I have always put design in front of my photographs. It was time to reverse the situation and give my photographs the main canvas on the website.

I still remember my two first websites that I made entirely in flash. Oh, times when Adobe Flash was used almost everywhere and many websites were made completely in Flash professional. Well, times have changed and nowadays flash is blocked in favor of HTML5. YouTube, where all videos were played in flash player now uses HTML5.

Demand for flash websites fade away quickly after my fully animated flash websites. After all my studying and working with flash I had to switch to HTML and Javascript. This were my main languages I used to make websites after that. But this also came to an end with the introduction of HTML5. I didn’t want to learn again so I switched fully to WordPress. It is a great platform to make anything you want. Excellent for blogs, regular websites, portfolios and even stores. With broad selection of plugins and themes the selection is endless. Some premium themes offer website creation like Legos, where you can assemble and design a website with endless possibilities. And the icing on the cake is official mobile wordpress application where you can see stats, publish posts and pages, basically all you need in a website/blog.

Enough rambling, back to the website. Like I already said the main focus now are my photographs and they are right in the center of it all. I have also updated about me page with a little history of my photography through years. I’ll try to be more active with my blog, I really fell out of it after all my content was lost before. Well, I hope you like my new website.